Lab 8: Forward Kinematics (Shoulder Assembly)

Worm gears and the grey Lego turntable:

1 grey turntable
1 axel, length 10
2 axel nuts
8 snap-connectors 2 worm gears
1 medium gear

1 altered 1x2 brick w/25K pot
2 bricks, 1x10
2 bricks, 1x4
2 bricks 1x2
2 plates 1x6
2 plates 1x2
2 plates 1x1
CAUTION: Be sure both worm gears are synched up, that is, they form one continuous screw and are not out of phase.

Mounting the Joint and Motor:

1 motor
1 medium gear
1 small gear
2 bricks 2x12
2 plates 2x8
2 plates 2x6
2 plates 1x4
1 plate 2x2
The 2x12 plates with holes on the underside can now be used to mount the shoulder to the board provided for the lab.