Post USAR Debriefing

(c)2005 Howie Choset
Dear USAR Contractors,

Some of you did extremely well on the USAR challenge. Others didn't do as well. I'm confident that all of you placed a lot of time and effort into your robots. Part of design and execution of creative solutions is recognizing where improvements could be made. In the USAR experience, there were two creative forces involved-- the creativity of the design teams, and the creativity of the TA's. These assignments are living creatures that change over time-- sometimes they are too hard, sometimes too easy, and sometimes just right.

In this spirit, we would like to give you all the opportunity to reflect upon and learn from your experience and to let us learn from your experience as well. One way of thinking about this is to ask the question, "If we had a second chance at this competition, what would we change, and what would we do the same way?"

In exchange for sharing your experience and creative criticism of both your design and ours, we will award you up to a full letter grade (10 points). This is strictly optional.

What we would like to see is this: