Lab 7: USAR - Prototype Evaluation
Lead TA's
Grading Sheet
2007 Checkpoint Presentation
To prove yourself worthy, you must complete 6 of the following 8 checkpoints before you will be allowed to go on to future labs. These tasks are designed to test your robot's ability to move, turn, use the camera and surmount various obstacles. None of these require autonomy. They can all be done using user input from the computer. If you want to make them autonomous, that is your choice.
Part I
Task 1:

Your robot must be able to drive through a piece of cardboard with a cut-out section of 6" x 6" (w x h). Your robot can expand after that, but it must be done automatically with no user help.
You will not be allowed to attempt future tasks until this is passed successfully!

Part II
Your robot must then complete 4 of the following 6 tasks during afternoon or evening lab hours. The tasks must be done in succession and no modification of the robot can be performed between tasks. The choice of tasks will be yours to make. However, if you can not complete all of them, you may be at a severe disadvantage for future labs. Each task will be graded on a pass/fail basis. You have an unlimited number of tries, but if you fail 3 times in a row, you should probably rethink your design.

Due to time constraints imposed on the project, you will not receive a grade for the checkpoints unless they are completed during lab hours (or special arrangements are made beforehand). If you do not demo during lab hours, you must still complete the required checkpoints before you will be allowed to attempt Task 8. Special arrangements will need to be made.

Task 2:

A small corridor will be built to test the cornering ability of your robot. All you have to do is get to the other side. The layout and relevant dimensions will be the same as the following picture.

Task 3:

The camera will be attached to your robot and it will be placed in an low-light world. You must locate and touch a designated target using tele-operation.

Task 4:

An incline will be available. It will be no more than 30 degrees. The front of yourrobot must traverse from the base of the incline up at least 15 inches.

Task 5:

A set of stairs will be available. Each step will be no more than 1.5" high. Your robot must climb the steps, turn around, and descend the stairs.

Task 6:

The robot must traverse a field of rubble. The rubble consists of static (immovable) and loose objects. All you have to do is get from the start to the goal location.

Task 7:

The robot must travel up the incline then traverse a series of bumps without falling off the checkpoint.

Task 8: (Prerequisite: complete Part I & II)

The remnants of Carnegie Mellon from last year will be made available to you. You will have 10 minutes to enter from outside the building and reach the second floor.

Your team will be given 2 minutes to set up. A failed attempt will occur if your robot can no longer move or it flips over. You can also abort an attempt at any time. You will have as many tries as you want, but they must be within the 10 minute time limit. To complete this task your robot must find its way into the building and reach the second floor.