Connecting the Optical Distance Sensor to the Handy Board


Connect the data line to port A0, implemented as the lowest digital port on the Handy Board, digital(7). The input/control line gets connected connected to port A5 which is under the LCD screen.

Important Note: Newer HandyBoards (which you should all be using) have had an extra pin put on the header under the LCD board. Thus, if you are attempting to plug in the yellow lead from the IR sensor, you will have to count 5 pins instead of 4. If you look at the pin labels screened on the board itself, you can double check to make sure which pin you are plugged into. If this still does not fix your errors, then you likely have a dead IR sensor.

If a known working IR sensor from another group doesn't help at this point, then your HB is possessed. If this is the case, then send Jason Geist an email to summon an old priest and a young priest and begin the exorcism.