Lab 4 Grading Sheet Low Level Mobile Base
16-311 Introduction to Robotics
Prof. Howie Choset

Team __________________________________________

Final Grade ____________







Grading standards:

Homework 5 score: (out of 50 pts):              _______

Lab 4 score: (out of 50 pts):                          _______

Robot Built (10 pts):                                      _______

Robot translation (out of 20 pts):                  _______

Robot rotation (out of 20 pts):                       _______

Robot gets 3 tries for translation and 3 for rotation. For each trial, robot has 2 minutes to complete the requested translation/rotation. Behavior, good or bad, that is not covered in the above will be graded at the discretion of the graders.






Translate 1





Translate 2





Translate 3





Rotate 1





Rotate 2





Rotate 3






For each translation, the grader may pick an integer value of 6 to 18 inches. For each rotation, the grader may pick a number divisible by 15 between 15 and 180 degrees. Both input values should be able to accept negative values. The score is determined by the percent error between the Requested and Actual values. i.e. If the robot is requested to move 10 inches and it moves 9 (or 11) inches, it would receive a 90% score or 18 points out of 20.