Homework 11
16-311 Introduction to Robotics
Prof. Howie Choset

(Spring 2006 version here)

Due at beginning of class on Wednesday, April 18th

  • (70%) Group:
  • (30%) Individual:
    1. Draw the intermediate motions for a wedge that undergoes Trans (Y, Δy1) Rot (Z, θ1) Trans (Y, Δy2) Rot (X, θ2)

    2. Let be a homogenous tranformation.
      Demonstrate that H is either a translation followed by a rotation or a rotation following by a translation.

      (i.e., show that it is or is not a rotation followed by a translation, and show that it is or is not a translation followed by a rotation)

      (3&4) Consider the following robot

    3. What are the parameters and variables for the robot

    4. Derive the forward kinematics for the robot, i.e., write an expression for x,y, &Theta in terms of the joint parameters and variables.

    Turn in:

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