Rube Goldberg Device - Group U

Diana Holcomb
Carl Peterson
Zachary D. Burt

Our Motto: Straightforward and simple wins the race.


Energy Transfers:

#1 Fire to Weight and Cup Falling

Zachary D. Burt is seen burning through the string which is both holding up the cup full of water and preventing the drill flywheel from spinning. This is our human interaction. Want an egg cracked? Just burn through this string.

#2 Weight Falling to Drill Spinning

Here you can see the string supporting the weight is wrapped around the a bolt in the top of the flywheel. This (extremely massive) weight falls, and sets the flywheel and drill bit spinning.

#3 Cup Falling to Bucket Filling

Gravity is the name of this game. The cup falls against the wood block, and the water rushes out the open end. The bucket is quickly filled.

#4 Bucket Filling to Egg Raising

The sudden weight of water in the bucket causes the bucket on the see-saw to swing down, and the egg on the other end is smashed up into the spinning drill bit.

#5 Egg Raising to Basket String Cutting

As the see-saw swings, the string which is keeping the weighted egg basket from flipping over off the end of the see-saw when the see-saw is down is cut by the knife. This is okay, though, because it is weighted so that it only wants to flip off the end when the egg is down (as in this picture). The tip of the drill bit is just visible in the flash, poised above the egg, ready for anything that comes its way.

#6 Siphon to Bucket Emptying

In order to give the drill some time to do its work, the bucket stays full for a while as the self-siphon is started and the bucket slowly emptied.

#7 Bucket Emptying to Egg Lowering

As the bucket becomes empty, the egg end of the see-saw is again heavier, and the see-saw will move back to the original position, with the bucket up and the egg down.

#8 Egg Lowering to Basket Flipping

This time, however, the string has been cut, so when it returns to the original position there is nothing keeping the weighted basket from flipping over the end of the see-saw. It does so, with much rejoicing.

There you have it. A mere 1 minute and 20 seconds after burning the string, you have a fresh (pre-whipped!) egg for your enjoyment.

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