16-311 Introduction to Robotics
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16-311: Prerequisites
Before taking this class, students should know:
  • Programming concepts. We will use C, MATLAB, and Python. You should be comfortable with the following skills:
    • Variables types and casting
    • Printing information
    • Reading information
    • Writing information
    • Conditionals (if statement)
    • Loops (while, do-while, for)
    • Functions and parameters
    • Arrays, Multi-dimensional arrays
    • Pointers
    • Structs
    • Searching
    • Sorting
  • How to program in C. C is an extremely powereful programming language commonly used in robotics. We will use a derivative of the C language for most of the labs in this course, but the first assignment ensures your ability to create a basic program independently. You should be able to do the following:
    • Compiling a program using GCC
    • Running an executable file
  • Linear algebra. Aspects of Computer Vision, Kinematics, and Machine Learning rely on understanding of linear algebra concepts including the following:
    • Bases definitions and transformations
    • Vector definitions and manipulation
    • Matrix arithmetic and manipulation
  • Willingness to independently learn. We will be showcasing some work on custom websites, creating documents using LaTeX, and submitting videos of projects. At some point in the semester you may do the following processes, which we feel you can teach yourself if you do not already have this knowledge:
    • Writing a basic webpage
    • Publishing pages
    • Creating a LaTeX document
    • Crop or compile a video for submission