• Instructors: Daniel Anderson (dlanders), David Woodruff (dwoodruf)
  • TAs: Abby Li (abigail2), Claire Jin (claireji), David Tang (davidtan), Efe Cekirge (ecekirge), Hoai-An Nguyen (hnnguyen), Jonathan Liu (jsliu2), Lauren Sands (lsands), Nick Grill (ngrill), David Choi (djchoi), Summit Wei (elwei), William Gay (wgay), Yoseph Mak (ymak)
  • Tutors: Katia Nikiforova (knikifor), Dhruti Kuchibhotla (srisaidk), Randy Zhang (randallz)
  • Weekly review: Sophie Liu (sophiel2)

Class Hours

Lectures: Tuesday and Thursday at 12:30PM to 01:50PM, Doherty Hall 2315

Recitations (Friday)

APBH A3610:00-10:50 amEfe and Hoai-An
BRBH A5310:00-10:50 amWill and Lauren
CRBH A5311:00-11:50 amWill and Lauren
DPDH 111211:00-11:50 amEfe and Summit
ERMM 10312:00-12:50 pmDavid T and Jonathan
FPBH A5312:00-12:50 pmAbby and Yoseph
GRHH B1311:00-1:50 pmJonathan and Daniel
HPPOS 1521:00-1:50 pmClaire and Nick

This semester we are offering two different styles of recitation. You are welcome to switch between the two at any point. Please contact your section TAs if you want to switch. We are always happy to accomodate.

Review-heavy sessions (B, C, E, G). Review-heavy (R) recitations will spend additional time reviewing definitions and key ideas from the lectures before diving into the problems. Note that review-heavy sessions are not guaranteed to be able to cover all of the recitation problems due to the extra time spent on review. It is therefore your responsibility, if you attend a review-heavy session, to look over the remaining problems and ensure you understand the solutions in your own time after your recitation.

Problem-heavy sessions (A, D, F, H) Problem-heavy (P) recitations will dive straight into the problems and run at a faster pace. If you attend a problem-heavy recitation, review will be minimal, so you are expected to have already reviewed the lecture notes and have a reasonable understanding of the week's lecture content before you arrive.

Office Hours

The office hour schedule can be found on the course calendar below. Although most time slots are regular every week, they may occasionally change and be rescheduled, so always double check the calendar before deciding to go!

Course Calendar

You may need to be logged into your Andrew (CMU) Google account to be able to view the calendar.