15-110: Principles of Computing

An introductory computer science course for students with little to no computing experience. Students will learn the core elements of programming in Python and will also receive a broad overview of big ideas in the field of computer science. The course begins with fundamentals of programming (data, variables, functions, conditionals, loops, and recursion) and the basics of computer organization (data representation and memory), then introduces major data structures (lists, dictionaries, trees, and graphs), the core concepts of efficiency (through runtime analysis and a case study of search algorithms), and how computing is scaled for practical use (concurrency and the internet). The course concludes with an overview of how computer science can be used as a tool to support other domains (data analysis, simulation, and machine learning) and how computer science influences and is influenced by the world (history, ethics, and modern events).

Meeting Times

Lecture 1Kelly Rivers (krivers)MWF 2:30-3:20pm ESTDH 2315
Lecture 2Franceska Xhakaj (francesx)MWF 3:35-4:25pm ESTDH A302
Recitation ATBDR 9:05am- 9:55am ESTGHC 5207
Recitation BTBDR 10:10am-11:00am ESTGHC 5207
Recitation CTBDR 11:15am-12:05pm ESTGHC 5207
Recitation DTBDR 12:20pm- 1:10pm ESTGHC 5207
Recitation ETBDR 1:25pm- 2:15pm ESTGHC 5207
Recitation FTBDR 2:30pm- 3:20pm ESTGHC 5207
Recitation GTBDR 3:35pm- 4:25pm ESTGHC 5207
Recitation HTBDR 4:40pm- 5:30pm ESTGHC 5207
Recitation ITBDR 11:15am-12:05pm ESTGHC 5208
Recitation JTBDR 1:25pm- 2:15pm ESTGHC 5208
Recitation KTBDR 2:30pm- 3:20pm ESTGHC 5208
Recitation LTBDR 4:40pm- 5:30pm ESTGHC 5208
Recitation MTBDR 9:05am- 9:55am ESTGHC 5210
Recitation NTBDR 10:10am-11:00am ESTGHC 5210
Recitation OTBDR 11:15am-12:05pm ESTGHC 5210
Recitation PTBDR 12:20pm- 1:10pm ESTGHC 5210
Recitation QTBDR 1:25pm- 2:15pm ESTGHC 5210
Recitation RTBDR 2:30pm- 3:20pm ESTGHC 5210
Recitation STBDR 3:35pm- 4:25pm ESTGHC 5210

Office Hours

In-person TA Hours take place in the Gates 5th Floor Teaching Commons and clusters. When you have a question, sign up on the OH Queue and a TA will come find you to help.

Remote TA Hours take place remotely on Zoom. When you have a question, sign up on the OH Queue with a link to a Zoom meeting you host, and a TA will join your Zoom call to help.

Instructor Hours take place either remotely or in Gates 4109 for Prof. Kelly and GHC 4003 for Prof. Franceska; sign up on the OH Queue and state your modality there. Meetings with the instructors are also available by appointment.

Drop-in Tutoring is run by the Student Academic Success Center and takes place across campus in the evenings. This is a good resource for more in-depth review of the course concepts.

Instructor Hours
(online and in person)