CMU 15-112: Fundamentals of Programming and Computer Science
Recitation videos: Jan 30-31 2019

Pittsburgh is frozen! In place of Wednesday's live recitations, our wonderful lead TA Arman has produced a series of videos demonstrating the problems you would have seen. You are required to watch these videos and will be responsible for knowing the content! We're going to reinforce this material as much as we can on Friday, but we've got to keep moving, so please take the time to watch the videos.
Just like in lecture, this works best if you don't have Facebook open! You should pause the videos and try out some of the code in Pyzo if you want to get the most out of these.

If you have any questions, post them to Piazza along with the video timestamp and name! This will help us give you an answer quickly! Above all, stay warm, and stay tuned!
#1: collapseWhiteSpace

#2: extractScriptLines

#3: wordWrap

#4: rotateString