CMU 15-112: Fundamentals of Programming and Computer Science
Midterm2 Frontmatter
Fall 2021

These details appear on every exam this semester. Please read them ahead of time so that you do not have to read them while taking the exam.

You have 80 minutes to answer the questions in Part 1, Part 2, and an optional bonus part.  
- Take note of when your proctor starts this part of the exam, and watch the clock carefully!
- You may move on to part 2 when you are ready, but you will NOT be able to return to part 1.
- You may then submit and move to the optional bonus part if you wish, but do not rush!  The bonus questions are worth very few points, and once you submit part 2, you will NOT be able to return to it.

- If you encounter a tech fail (like if laptop internet cuts out), exit the breakout room to speak with the TA or faculty member on duty

Quick Reminders:
- Plug in your phone and computer
- Turn on do-not-disturb on your phone and computer and make sure your phone won't go to sleep or remove you from the zoom call.
- Your phone must be properly positioned as described below. If you are unsure how to set up your phone, contact the TAs or course faculty so we can show you some very easy ways to do this.
- Other than your main monitor and your phone, you must not have any other computer monitors on, and no other phones/tablets/calculators/notes/other resources should be accessible.
- Follow all proctoring instructions exactly. Failure to adhere to proctoring policy may result in a zero on the exam, and possibly a deduction from your semester grade based on severity.
- Any attempt to subvert, exploit, or misuse the testing environment (including attempts to access the content outside of the proctored environment) will be considered a severe academic integrity violation, possibly leading to course failure or other significant penalties.

During the exam
- You may not ask questions during the exam.
    - If you are unsure how to interpret a problem, take your best guess.
- You may not leave the exam and return, and you may not interact with anyone else (remotely or in person) except for the TAs or faculty until the exam is submitted. You should not be located close to anyone else who may be able to see your screen, or whose screen you may be able to see.
- During any non-FR section, you must not leave the full-screen google form until instructed. During any FR section, you must not leave VS Code until instructed. You may not view anything in VS Code except for the starter file for the exam. If anything is visible except for the google form (and the starter file in VS Code when in the FR section) you may receive a deduction or a zero. Additionally, we will investigate whether this could be a matter of academic integrity.
- All of these must be visible to your phone's camera at all times:
    - All of your screen, and any other screens nearby
    - Most of your desk
    - Your mouse and keyboard
    - Note: You must not block your screen with your head while taking the exam
    - You must not have any other computer monitors on, and no other phones/tablets/calculators/notes/people/other resources should be accessible.
- If you encounter any tech issues (i.e. your computer crashes, you receive a pop-up from a chat program you forgot to close, etc.) exit the breakout room immediately to speak with the TA or faculty member on duty. At their discretion, you may be allowed to continue the exam.
- You will not be able to return to any non-FR questions once you begin the FR section. You MAY move on to the FR section whenever you are ready, however (the TAs will not tell you to transition). Once the allotted time elapses, the TA will instruct everyone to stop. You must stop immediately, no matter what, or you will receive an immediate zero. If you ignore the TA's instructions to stop, you may also receive an academic integrity violation.

You must use your phone to join the proctored Zoom meeting. If you cannot join Zoom on your phone:
- You may receive a deduction if this is due to a lack of preparedness
- Join Zoom on your computer instead.
- You MUST still position your phone to see the items listed above, and you MUST record a video of the entire exam until your proctor releases you.
- We will not grade any section of the exam that we did not receive full video for, and you may receive a zero. This is true even if your phone runs out of storage space.
- After the exam, immediately upload this to Google Drive or Box or Dropbox and then send us a link. You must use one of these three services. If you email the video directly or upload it to another source, you will receive a zero.
- If we cannot access or view your video, or if you do not record one, we will give you a zero, so make sure your upload is successful. We must be able to view the video soon after the exam, so please begin uploading immediately.
- When your upload is complete, fill out the tech fail form and copy in the link to your video. Do not send it by email unless we request it.

After the exam
- Follow all proctor instructions on how to end the exam.
- Once you submit your exam, wait for the proctor before leaving the call. When the TA prompts you, show both sides of any and all scratch paper you started the exam with.
- Wait until your proctor dismisses you, and then please exit Zoom. You are done! Rejoin the lecture Zoom session on your laptop.
- Of course, it is an academic integrity violation to discuss any part of this exam with anyone else (regardless of how briefly or vaguely) before we have publicly released it. Also, sharing or posting the starter file, questions, or solutions with anyone else will result in immediate course failure for both the provider and the recipient.

For any tech fails (laptop or internet stops working, etc.):
- If you are still in Zoom, exit the breakout room and speak with the TA/Faculty in the main room. Do not speak while in the breakout room.
- If you cannot immediately speak with a TA or professor, stop taking the exam and fill out the tech fail form linked from the course website's forms page. 
- We will email you soon to resolve the issue.

You have 80 minutes TOTAL for part 1 + part 2.  We recommend that you spend no more than 20 minutes on part 1.  You must decide when to move on to part 2.  Once you do, you may not return to part 1.  

- DO NOT TALK until you have completed part 1 AND part 2 and your proctor has announced that the exam time is over.
- If you encounter a tech fail (like if laptop internet cuts out), exit the breakout room to speak with the TA or faculty member on duty

You MUST keep this exam full-screened, and you may not use VS Code or any other program until Part 2.