Cody Roux
Associate Adjunct Professor -- CMU Philosophy Department.

The Structural Theory of Pure Type Systems

We investigate possible extensions of arbitrary given Pure Type Systems with additional sorts and rules which preserve the normalization property. In particular we identify the following interesting extensions: the disjoint union P+Q of two PTSs P and Q, the PTS \forall P.Q which intuitively captures the ``Q-logic of P-terms'' and Ppoly which intuitively denotes the predicative polymorphism extension of P.

These results suggest a new approach to the study of the meta-theory of PTSs, by examination of the relationships between different calculi and predicative extensions which allow more expressiveness with equivalent logical strength.

Cody did his undergraduate at Grenoble and Nice in the south of France, and completed my PhD in computer science at Nancy in the north-east, on the subject of higher-order rewrite systems. I did a post-doc at Inria Saclay in Paris on formal verification of floating-point numbers, and I am now an Associate Adjunct Professor at CMU, in the philosophy department. I work mostly on formal proofs, type theory and automated reasoning.

Friday, February 28, 2014
1:30 PM
Gates & Hillman Centers 6501

Principles of Programming Seminars