Computational Thinking

9:00 am - Welcome and Introductions
- Tony Hey
Vice President, Microsoft Research Connections

9:10 am - The Importance of the Center for Computational Thinking
- Randy Bryant
Dean and University Professor, School of Computer Science

9:30 am - CLOUDS: A Kinect-based interactive, Generative, Documentary Film
- Golan Levin
Associate Professr of Art, College of Fine Arts

9:50 am - Computational Fair Division; From Cake Cutting to Cluster Computing
- Ariel Procaccia
Assistant Professor, Computer Science Department

10:10 am - Break

10:40 am -  Parallel Thinking
- Guy E. Blelloch
Professor, Computer Science Department

11:00 am - Specification and Verification in Introductory Computer Science
- Frank Pfenning
President's Professor and Head, Computer Science Department

11:20 am - The 3rd Age of Computing
- Tony Hey

11:45 am - Conclusion

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