Executive Education at SCS

In the School of Computer Science, we understand that we have an obligation to study and create new frontiers in the field. We take that obligation seriously. We've spent decades building a culture where people care about using technology to solve real problems. The result? One of the world’s largest collections of experts determined to build things that help humans.

As we lead the computer science charge in the 21st century, we also understand that we have a responsibility to share our experience and knowledge with the world. One of the ways we do that is through executive education. By tailoring courses specifically to your company or organization, we'll bring our world-class faculty and their expert knowledge directly to your employees — whether on campus, online or at your location. Together, we'll determine the best topics and course length to meet your needs. We also offer existing courses in artificial intelligence, cloud computing, machine learning and data analytics, and online learning opportunities are available through Carnegie Mellon's Open Learning Initiative. Whatever option you choose, at the end of the course you'll know you've provided your team with a world-class experience from the best researchers in the business.

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