SCS & ECE Event(s) Registration

Hello from SCS & ECE Careers! Please contact us at 412.268.8525 or If registering for Let's Talk! More...

Threre is no charge!  But we do need you to register, to assure we correctly anticipate all our guests. The event is scheduled for Sunday/Monday, 19-20 September 2021. While we wish we could meet you in person, we'll have to remain virtual for a bit (we hope!) longer. 

As the date of the events approach, a link will be provided to all those registered.

The event hours:  Sunday - 3:00-6:30 pm and Monday - 4:45-9:00 pm. The students are looking forward to meeting. This is a different format than you might expect!

We look forward to "talking" with you.


Company Representatives Attending

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