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Web Technology Services SCS Departmental Website Support

Web Technology Services (WTS) offers a wide range of web design, build, and hosting services for the SCS community. We want you to have a great experience, and these basic guidelines will help you plan the best possible project and allow us to serve your needs efficiently and effectively.

What We Provide:

WTS provides the following services to SCS Departments on a mutually agreed upon schedule:

  • Design/build/deploy of Department websites on the Drupal platform
  • Basic systems integration with CMU web services (e.g. Workday, S3, Shibboleth)
  • High-availability hosting, patching and monitoring of Department websites
  • Initial training of Tier 2 contacts
  • Tier 3 Help Desk support

WTS can, on a case-by-case basis, also provide the following services:

  • Design/build/deploy of project sites and micro-sites
  • Vendor and project management
  • Data migration from existing websites to Drupa
  • Design/build/deploy of web based applications (e.g. credit card processing)

Departmental Requirements:

Prior to engaging with WTS, each department must provide appropriate resources to manage their web project, both during the design/build period and for the steady state.

Planning Requirements:

The department is responsible for sourcing/providing the following at the outset of the project, unless otherwise negotiated with WTS:

  • A completed Web Project Questionnaire
  • Visual design services, if different from our standard offerings
  • All content creation and content strategy
  • All digital assets (photography, video, iconography, logos, etc.)

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