CMU-Qatar Outreach (including Botball, CS4Qatar for Students and for teachers, and High School Programming Competitions)

Khaled A. Harras

CS4Qatar for Students

CS4Qatar for Students aims at getting high school students excited about technology and computer science and to introduce them to some basic concepts. It consists of a series of three workshops with rotating themes. For example, the puzzles workshop focuses on the problem-solving aspect of computer science and programming. The programming workshop teaches students the basics of programming. The robotics workshop provides hands-on experience, allowing students to create and operate robotic intelligence. The workshops enable students to broaden their horizons in the ever-expanding field of technology and motivate them to pursue computer science as a discipline.

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CS4Qatar for Teachers

CS4Qatar for Teachers exposes high school teachers to new approaches to teaching students about computational thinking and computer science, allowing them to pass knowledge and passion on to their students. This annual workshop spans multiple topics, for example programming platforms such as Alice and Becker Robots, problem solving, curricular development, programming competition environments, computer systems, and social learning tools. By taking these workshops, teachers acquire new tools to raise their students' awareness of computing and technology.

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High-School Programming Competition

High school students from schools in Qatar and the region are invited to demonstrate their programming skills at the High School Programming Competition. Teams of up to three students are given computer science related problems to solve. The top three teams are awarded prizes and trophies. All students and coaches receive certificates of participation.

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The Botball Educational Robotics Program engages secondary school students in a team-oriented robotics competition. By designing, building, programming and documenting robots, students use science, engineering, technology, math and writing skills in a hands-on project that reinforces learning. By exposing students to an inquiry-based, learn-by-doing activity that appeals to their hearts as well as their minds, Botball addresses the need for well-prepared, creative, yet effective students with leadership and teamwork experience.

Botball starts with a workshop where representatives from each team learn about current robotics technology. Teachers and students are trained to design, build and program their robots from scratch. Following the workshop, students are given 8 weeks to create a robot or a team of autonomous robots to achieve a specific task. Student teams pit their robots head-to-head in a fast paced, non-destructive competition.

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