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Career Presentation

Engineering Fundamentals of Computer Tomography and Advanced Medical Imaging

Want to learn about the state-of-the-art, life-saving technology behind Diagnostic Imaging?

Join Mohammad Saim, Global Director at Philips Healthcare, for a crash course on the fundamentals of Computed Tomography (CT). We will provide an overview of the science behind each scan as well as explore the fine line between minimizing dosage and maximizing image quality.

Mohammad Saim became Global Director of Procurement Engineering and a Business Partner at Philips Healthcare in April of 2016.  As Procurement Engineering Business Partner for CT/AMI, Mohammad is responsible for ensuring that the PE Department in the CT/AMI businesses are seamlessly aligned. He leads all PE and Service activities for the Highland Heights, Ohio and Bangalore, India Philips Healthcare locations.  

Prior to his position at Philips, Mohammad relocated to Changwon, South Korea, as the Global Chief Project Manager at Volvo Group.  As an expatriate, Mohammad was the responsible force driving the Heavy Equipment Attachments Product Strategy for the Asia/Pacific region.  Mohammad trained new internal consultants, managed global engineering projects, gained experience with leading business innovation, new product development, continuous improvement and cost reduction programs across regional manufacturing sites.

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