What Is Product Management?

Product managers are often called the "CEO of their product." While that's not too hard to wrap your brain around, another way to think of them is the people at a tech company who guide the product all the way from inception to completion — including everything from understanding and reconciling engineering tradeoffs to maintaining a firm grasp on how customers will use the product and make decisions about its purchase. The product manager defines a plan for a product that contains key choices and constraints, and sells that plan throughout their organization.

Because their roles involve both technical knowhow and marketing savvy, good product managers must exhibit excellent interpersonal skills, business acumen AND technical knowledge. While the field is growing, good product managers are hard to find — and they're in incredible demand.

Carnegie Mellon's MSPM degree builds on the university's global leadership in computer science and business to train these hard-to-find gems of the tech world.