SCS Dissertation Award Winners Named

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Computer Science Ph.D. graduates Kanat Tangwongsan and Vijay Vasudevan are the winners of this year's SCS Dissertation Awards and will be nominated for the ACM Outstanding Dissertation Award.

Tangwongsan was advised by Guy Blelloch and Anupam Gupta. His dissertation was "Efficient Parallel Approximation Algorithms." Vasudevan was advised by David Andersen. His dissertation was "Energy-efficient Data-intensive Computing with a Fast Array of Wimpy Nodes."

Honorable mentions go to Andre Martins for "The Geometry of Constrained Structured Prediction: Applications to Inference and Learning of Natural Language Syntax" and to Duen Horng "Polo" Chau for "Data Mining Meets HCI: Making Sense of Large Graphs." Martins was advised by Noah Smith and Eric Xing, as well as Mario Figueiredo and Pedro Aguiar of IST, Portugal. Chau was advised by Christos Faloutsos.

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