Computer Science Lauds Faculty and Staff

The Computer Science Department honored 10 faculty and staff members for excellent performance at its fourth annual Whole Department Meeting. Award winners were Garth Gibson and Paul Stockhausen, AnnMarie Zanger, Sharon Burks and Will Uther, Dan Siewiorek and Edmund Clarke, Randy Bryant, Kirk Berthold and Chris Colohan.

Department Head Jim Morris bestowed a Carnegie Mellon "non-retirement" chair on Burks, associate head of the Computer Science Department, and a child-size toy auto on Zanger, senior administrative associate and proposal writer. Zanger was honored for her dedication and expertise in navigating the National Science Foundation's new electronic FastLane research proposal system.

Morris presented Stockhausen, a maintenance assistant, with a heavy-duty weight-lifting belt for his alacrity in shifting desks and equipment, riding herd on the telephone system and rearranging classrooms. Berthold, a system operator, was given the "Rubber Stamp Award" for his "superb printer support."

Professors Clarke and Bryant and Associate Professor Gibson received Newell Research Medals. Clarke and Bryant were honored for developing "model checking," a tool that verifies digital circuitry and is beginning to be used to verify software. Gibson was recognized for his work with network attached storage devices and other projects that eliminate bottlenecks on computer networks.

Graduate students Uther and Colohan received the Graduate Student Service award and the Teaching Innovation award, respectively. Uther was selected by faculty and students for outstanding service to the department, and Colohan, a.k.a. "Dr. Evil," was honored for helping to make basic computer science classes more interesting to students.

Morris presented Siewiorek, head of the Human-Computer Interaction Institute, with the "Overworked Faculty Member of the Year" award for giving more time than anyone else to the Computer Science Department.

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