The Carnegie Mellon Programming Team in Finals of the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest

We are very proud of the undergraduates who represented Carnegie Mellon this year -- their performance was astronomical. They were number one in our region -- and #21 in the world. To put this in perspective, there were a total of 3,850 teams from 1,329 universities across 68 countries competing in the multilevel contest. In other words, they performed in the top 6/10 of 1% of all of the teams in the world. More than not bad -- that is truly distinguished.

This is not only a victory for the students, David Charlton, David Leung, and Jevan Saks, but also a wonderful statement about our program as a whole. Although the students practiced to become more rehersed and to enhance their skills in areas of peculiar importance to the contest, the overwhelming amount of their preparation was the Carnegie Mellon experience that all of our students know and enjoy. We can all be very proud.

Gregory Kesden

March 31st, 2003

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