What's in a Name?

The generosity of alumni, faculty, staff, students and friends of SCS has contributed millions of dollars toward the completion of the Gates Center for Computer Science and the Hillman Center for Future-Generation Technologies. The former was completed with the support of a $20 million gift from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, while the latter received a $10 million donation from the Henry L. Hillman Foundation.

In addition, more than 100 seats in the Rashid Auditorium have been named. Here are some of the named spaces inside the new SCS complex, along with the identity of their namesakes or principal donors, where appropriate.

Outside Third Floor
  • Kraus Winter Garden: Gift of Life Trustee Jill Gansman Kraus (CFA'74) and Peter Kraus
Gates Center, Third Floor
  • R-Bar Café: Gift of Sharon L. Rohr and James E. Rohr, Life Trustee
  • Weidinger Family Interactive Robot: Gift of Amy and Rick Weidinger
  • RedHat Computer Laboratory (inside 3000): Gift of Red Hat Inc.
Gates Center, Fourth Floor
  • Luis von Ahn Awesome Classroom, 4101: Gift of Luis Alfonso von Ahn (CS'03,'05) and Laura Dabbish (CS'05,'06)
  • Zimbra Classroom, 4102 (inside Helix): Gift of Kate Sandrini and ScottDietzen (S'84, CS'92), named for his open-source groupwarecollaboration company
  • The Maeda Office, Room 4103: Gift of Chris Maeda (CS'92,'97)
  • SCS Alumni Advisory Board Offices, 4122-4126: Gift of SCS Alumni Advisory Board members
  • Gupta-Iwasaki Classroom, Room 4215: Gift of Yumi Iwasaki (CS'88) and Anoop Gupta (CS'82,'86)
  • McWilliams Center eScience Video Facility, Room 4303: Gift of Astrid McWilliams and Bruce M. McWilliams (S'78,'81), Trustee
Hillman Center, Fourth Floor
  • Rashid Auditorium, Room 4401: Gift of Terri and Rick Rashid
  • Raj Reddy Conference Room, 4405: Gift of Donna Blyshak and AlejandroAcero (E'90), Holly and Fileno A. (S'80) Alleva, Marsha and Ralph J.(HS'74, CS'79) Guggenheim, Hsiao-Wuen Hon (CS'92), Yingzhi (HNZ'92) andXuedong Huang, Elaine A. Rich (CS'79) and Alan Cline, Ilana Diamond andRoni Rosenfeld (CS'91,'94), Julie V. and Michael I. Shamos, Ann GibbonsScherlis and William Scherlis, and Ka Yan Chan and Heung-Yeung Shum(CS'96); named for former SCS Dean Raj Reddy
Gates Center, Fifth Floor
  • Randy Pausch Memorial Bridge
  • Microsoft Alumni Outdoor Classroom (next to Pausch Bridge): Gift ofArnold Blinn (CS'87), Kurt A. Geisel (HS'92), Jay P. Kapur (E'00) andDerek Leung (CS'04)
  • Fisher Coffee Alcove, Room 5009: Gift of Eden L. Fisher (E'84) and Allan L. Fisher (CS'81,'85)
  • The Lehman Family Office, Room 5109: Gift of Jill Fain Lehman (CS'87,'89) and Philip L. Lehman (CS'78,'84)
  • Gordon Bell Conference Room, 5117: Gift of Gordon Bell and the Bell Family Foundation, named for Gordon Bell, CS faculty member from 1966 to 1972, former vice president of engineering at Digital Equipment, and currently principal researcher in Microsoft's Silicon Valley Research Laboratory.
  • Red Hat Computer Laboratory, Room 5205: Gift of Red Hat Inc.
  • Siewiorek-Walker Classroom, 5205: Gift of Karon Walker Siewiorek and Daniel P. Siewiorek
  • Remala Family Classroom, 5222: Gift of Satya and Rao Remala Foundation and Srilakshmi D. Remala (HS'02)
Gates Center, Sixth Floor
  • Asian Student Association Conference Room, 6115: Gift of anonymous donor
  • Eric and Melissa Daimler Collaboration Office, Room 6217: Gift of Melissa J. and Eric A. (HS'94) Daimler
Hillman Center, Sixth Floor
  • Traffic 21 Conference Room, 6501: Gift of Hillman Foundation and Henry L. Hillman Foundation
Gates Center, Seventh Floor
  • Mach Project Room, 7114: Gift of David L. Black (CS'88,'90), named for Mach operating system kernel developed at SCS
Hillman Center, Seventh Floor
  • Ray and Stephanie Lane Center for Computational Biology Suite: Gift of Stephanie H. and Raymond J. Lane, Life Trustee
Gates Center, Eighth Floor
  • Blelloch-Skees Conference Room, 8115: Named for Guy Blelloch, professor of computer science, and James Skees, SCS director of building facilities, in honor of their efforts toward completion of the Gates and Hillman centers.

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