Summer 2015 issue

Cover illustration by Emily Traynor.

You can download the entire Summer 2015 issue of The Link as a PDF. (Adobe Reader or similar PDF application required.)

All photos by Carnegie Mellon University, except: pp. 7–8, courtesy Live Like Lou fund of the Pittsburgh Foundation (; p. 9, courtesy Wikimedia Foundation; p. 13–15, courtesy Chris Atkeson; p. 17, courtesy Spliddit; p. 20, Wade H. Massie photo for Carnegie Mellon University; pp. 34–37, courtesy Disney Research Pittsburgh; p. 39, courtesy Poornima Kaniarasu; p. 40, courtesy Daniel Avrahami; p. 42 left, courtesy Mathematical Association of America; p. 42 right, courtesy Roni Rosenfeld; p. 45 left, courtesy Illah Nourbaksh; p. 45 right, courtesy National Aeronautics and Space Administration; p. 47, courtesy Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency; p. 48, courtesy Todd Jochem; back cover, photo illustration by Jason Togyer from an original photo by Eddie Welker (, licensed under Creative Commons.

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