New Buildings Offer Fresh Start for Fall Term

When Jim Skees, director of building facilities for the School of Computer Science, describes the upcoming move into the Gates and Hillman centers, he jokingly describes it as "dollies full of boxes as far as the eyes can see."

Skees is one of the Carnegie Mellon staff members planning the big move, scheduled to take place in five phases beginning in mid-August. The pace is dictated in part by connectivity requirements; SCS has made a promise to faculty, students and staff that no one will lose access to a working computer and network port for more than 24 hours. A few laboratories with more specialized requirements will be moved separately, Skees says.

Some furniture for public spaces may arrive after August, he notes, and some landscaping and facade work will continue after the move as well. But the university is driving to get the buildings open and largely complete before the fall semester begins Aug. 24, Skees says.

After all, classes for the fall term are already scheduled in the Gates Center, he says: "The classrooms have got to be ready to go."
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