Giving Back

When asked about some of the successful projects he's worked on, Scott Dietzen (S'84, CS'88, '92) borrows an old joke from his days at Transarc Corp. and claims that each team he worked with "inadvertently lowered its average IQ by letting me join up."

Scott is being modest. In a productive career, he's been principal technologist for Transarc, a Pittsburgh-based software company that's now part of IBM; chief technology officer at BEA Systems, overseeing the WebLogic product family; and president and CTO of Zimbra Inc., developers of a suite of collaborative software products, until that company was acquired by Yahoo! in 2007. Since October 2007, he's been senior vice president of global communications products for Yahoo!

Scott credits much of his success to the gifted people with whom he collaborated at Transarc, WebLogic, Zimbra, Yahoo! and Carnegie Mellon. Now he's giving back by donating a classroom in the new Gates Center for Computer Science, part of the new School of Computer Science complex slated to open this fall.

His gift--to be known as the Zimbra Classroom--was made in honor of the team he worked with at the company. Inside that classroom, student innovators will work together to push the envelope of computing--and maybe crack a smile over the fact that a small Microsoft competitor managed to carve out a space inside the Gates Center.

Scott's gift is an investment in the things that make Carnegie Mellon and the School of Computer Science such innovative environments: our tradition of collaboration, our interdisciplinary approach to solving problems, our creativity, and our dedication to new ways of thinking. Thanks to the generation of donors like Scott Dietzen, the next generation of computer scientists will continue to thrive at the university.

Carnegie Mellon recently launched the public phase of its $1 billion development campaign, called "Inspire Innovation." As of January we had already raised $565 million, including approximately $40 million for the Gates-Hillman complex.

If you have questions about how you can help the School of Computer Science, whether it's through scholarships and fellowships, faculty support, or gifts toward the Gates-Hillman complex, please contact me at or (412) 268-8576. You can also learn more about the campaign or make your gift online today at
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