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Cover Story:  Roads Scholars 
-- In this era of shrinking budgets and tax bases, municipalities and agencies across Pennsylvania are looking for help. Carnegie Mellon University is providing them with concrete assistance in such areas as transportation, transit and infrastructure.  By Jennifer Bails
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Feature Story: The Iconoclast -- He was perhaps one of the sharpest competitors ever to grace the SCS faculty. And more than a decade after his retirement, people are still citing the work of principal research scientist Hans Berliner--a pioneer in computer chess and artificial intelligence. By Jason Togyer

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On Campus:
  • Project Olympus has some success stories to brag about, including BlackLocus and Dynamics Inc.
  • CMU is working to help American manufacturers by building smarter robots.
  • A group of students have developed a program that turns photos into Warhol silkscreens. What would Andy say?
  • The CREATE Lab's "Hear Me" project is helping children and young adults talk about issues important to them.
  • We remember the late Tom Murrin, one of the founders of the Robotics Institute.

In the Loop: Carlos Guestrin started out trying to do something "futuristic." These days, he works to build better search engines and collect and filter information. He also finds time to paint and sculpt.

Research Notebook: Search engines can now match identical images, but they struggle at matching images from two different formats--such as sketches with photographs. Abhinav Shrivastava, Tomasz Malisiewicz, Abhinav Gupta and Alexei Efros explain how they're programming computers to match images across domains.

Alumni Snapshots: Bradley Nelson and Ting Shih

Then and Now: In 1981, the Robotics Institute was young. We catch up with a student who was featured in a Westinghouse Electric Corp. annual report all those years ago.
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