Dean's message

This past summer, I had the opportunity to attend alumni events in Boston, San Diego, San Francisco and Seattle. For the past several years, the School of Computer Science has teamed up with the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department to organize these events. 

This has proved very successful, because many CS and ECE alumni interacted with each other as students, and they tend to end up at similar companies, pursuing similar career paths.

I find these meetings with former students to be truly inspiring. Their career paths go in many different directions, including big companies, startup companies, government service and academia, but in all cases they are excited and enthusiastic about what they are doing.

I also continue to be impressed by how consistently they state that their Carnegie Mellon education has served them well. Not only did they learn useful technical material, they also learned how to dig in, build things and make them work.

That willingness to take initiative and to work both smart and hard is something we all experience here at CMU, and it's good to see it moving out into the world via our graduates.

--Randal E. Bryant
Dean and University Professor
School of Computer Science

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