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A 230-foot-long pedestrian bridge spanning a hollow between the new Gates Center for Computer Science and the Purnell Center for the Arts on the Carnegie Mellon University campus was dedicated Friday, Oct. 30, in memory of Randy Pausch, professor of computer science, human-computer interaction and design, and author of the bestselling book "The Last Lecture."

The ribbon-cutting and bridge-lighting ceremony was held in front of the Purnell Center's main entrance.

Pausch's widow, Jai, and other family members participated in theceremony and Carnegie Mellon President Jared L. Cohon presided.

The Randy Pausch Memorial Bridge is a physical connection between the School of Computer Science's new building and the School of Drama's home, much as Pausch was an inspirational and intellectual connection between computer science and the arts.

Pausch, who died last year of pancreatic cancer, encouraged computer scientists and artists to work and learn together, most notably by creating the interdisciplinary Building Virtual Worlds course and co-founding Carnegie Mellon's Entertainment Technology Center.

"What Randy did to connect computer science with the arts was remarkable," Cohon said. "His work had -- and continues to have -- an enormous influence on our faculty and on our students. This bridge will stand as a powerful symbol of that legacy, allowing generations of students and faculty who never met the man to nevertheless experience his impact."
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