Alumni Snapshots: Web-Only Content

First photo: Members of the SCS Alumni Advisory Board who attended the dedication of the Gates and Hillman centers included Jonathan Betz (SCS'99), Ajay Jain (SCS'91,'92), Chris Maeda (SCS'92,'97), Sriram Gollapalli (SCS'02,CMU'03), Amy Matzke (CS'07), Boris Sofman (CIT'05, SCS'05,'07), Anita Taylor (SCS'07).

Second photo: Mark Stehlik, assistant dean for undergraduate education (fifth fromleft), joined about 40 SCS and ECE alumni and students for a luncheonAug. 1 at the Pacific Science Center in Seattle.

Additional photos:  More than 260 alumni and students from the School of Computer Science and the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering attended our afternoon barbecue July 25 at Sam's Chowder House on the shores of Half Moon Bay, just south of San Francisco.
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