The CSD50 Graduate Fellowship Endowment Fund

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All SCS Ph.D. students should have the chance to create the Next Big Thing, to engage openly in intellectual inquiry without worrying about losing their funding. We want them to freely explore. We want them to change the world.

SCS created the CSD50 Graduate Fellowship Endowment Fund to guarantee that each Ph.D. student has the support to fuel their research and exploration while at CMU. Contributions to the fund will help us attract, retain and support the best computer scientists in the world as they create the future.

When you give to the CSD50 Graduate Fellowship Endowment Fund, you not only support the future of computer science, but you can recognize the contributions of individuals with deep SCS roots. We've specifically highlighted four individuals you can honor with your gift: Sharon Burks, A. Nico Habermann, Raj Reddy and Joe Traub. You can make your gift by clicking below and specifying one of these SCS legends in the "Comments" box on the next page.