Faculty & Student Support

One of the strengths of the School of Computer Science is the entrepreneurial nature of its students, faculty and researchers. The Dean's Innovation Fund allows the dean to quickly support new ideas that emerge during the year that aren't covered by the operational budget or research grants. The dean can also use this fund to improve the quality of life for graduate and undergraduate students.

The Scott Robert Krulcik Scholarship Fund in Computer Science will be used to establish a merit-based scholarship to acknowledge and reward a current undergraduate student (or students) in their junior or senior years who are enrolled in CMU’s School of Computer Science and who have clearly demonstrated the core traits, attitude, and approach that embodied Scott.

We recognize that a student's academic success can easily be derailed by an unforeseen event. Gifts to this fund - contributions from parents of current and former SCS students - help us offer limited financial support to students for emergencies, supplies and unanticipated events.


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