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Namesort ascending Title Office Email Phone
Zhu, Ziyuan Research Assistant

Zhou, Shurui Research Associate

Zhou, Zihan Intern 3119 Wean Hall

Zhang, Mona Intern

Zhang, Wei Intern 3119 Wean Hall

Zhang, Changjian Graduate Research Assistant 5111 Wean Hall

Young, Eleanor Intern

Yasar, Hasan Adjunct Instructor

(412) 268-9219
Yao, Yaxing Post Doctoral Associate 4111 Wean Hall

Yanamala, Naveena Adjunct Assistant Professor

Wong, Chu Pan Graduate Research Assistant 4103 Wean Hall

Wise, Jenna Graduate Research Assistant 4123 Wean Hall

Williams, Thelford Intern

Widder, David Graduate Research Assistant 5119 Wean Hall

Watkins, Sienna Administrative Assistant II 4212 Wean Hall

(412) 268-3163
Wang, Yigeng Research Assistant Intern 4201 Wean Hall

Wang, Xingchen Research Assistant

Wagner, Ryan Graduate- Research Assistant 4109 Wean Hall

Vincent, Serena Educational Experience - Non-Cmu Student 4201 Wean Hall

Villa Cox, Ramon Alfonso Graduate Research Assistant 4107 Wean Hall

Vemuru, Vinod Project Collaborator 5315 Wean Hall

Vasilescu, Bogdan Assistant Professor 5115 Wean Hall

Valiev, Marat Graduate Research Assistant 4123 Wean Hall

Vadlamudi, Vijay Adjunct Assisting Teaching Professor

(412) 268-7743
Uyheng, Joshua Graduate Research Assistant 5101 Wean Hall

Trout, Stella Intern

Todd, Tiffany Assistant To The Cylab Director And Academic Coordinator, Msit-Privacy Engineering Program 2105 Collaborative Innovation Center

(412) 268-6367
Tobin, James Videography Team Manager 4116 Wean Hall

(412) 268-7695
Timperley, Christopher Systems Scientist 4206 Wean Hall

Thibadeau, Robert Adjunct Professor 4111 Wean Hall

(412) 268-0000
Telang, Sujata Associate Teaching Professor 273 300 South Craig Street

(412) 268-4644
Tan, Joshua Graduate Research Assistant 4127 Collaborative Innovation Center

Sunshine, Joshua Courtesy Systems Scientist; Director, Undergraduate Research Programs And Senior Research Fellow 5317 Wean Hall

(412) 268-1097
Sukkerd, Roykrong Graduate-Research Assistant 4125 Wean Hall

Story, Peter Graduate Research Assistant 4127 Wean Hall

Sowa, Christine Graduate Research Assistant 4125 Wean Hall

Smullen, Daniel Graduate Student 4127 Wean Hall

Smith, Amelia Teaching Assistant, SCS

Skirpan, Michael Instructor-Special Faculty Appointment 155B Baker Porter Hall

Skinner, Kiron Associate Professor 223F Baker Porter Hall

(412) 268-3238
Shi, Ryan Graduate Research Assistant 5309 Wean Hall

Sheth, Shreyans Teaching Assistant

Shen, Weiran Post Doctoral Associate 4213 Wean Hall

Shen, Yuchen Graduate Research Assistant

Shaw, Mary A. J. Perlis University Professor; Faculty

(412) 268-2589
Shamos, Michael Distinguished Career Professor; Program Director; Teaching Professor 6707 Gates and Hillman Centers

(412) 268-8193
Schmerl, Bradley Principal Systems Scientist 5107 Wean Hall

(412) 268-5889
Schlea, Dabney Administrative Associate/Events Coordinator 5125 Wean Hall

(412) 268-6032
Scherlis, William Professor 5222 Wean Hall

(412) 268-8741
Santiesteban, Priscila Intern 4201 Wean Hall