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Last Namesort descending First Title Office Building Email Phone
Campos Pedro Instructor - Portugal Newell-Simon Hall

pfcampos [atsymbol]

Cannanure Vikram Kamath Grader Newell-Simon Hall

vkamath [atsymbol]

Casale Dana Research Assistant of HCII Newell-Simon Hall

dcasale [atsymbol]

Cassell Justine Professor 4109 Gates and Hillman Centers

jcassell [atsymbol]

Catano Nestor Instructor-Portugal Newell-Simon Hall

nestorc [atsymbol]

Chakrasali Sonal Student Assistant 512A West Wing

schakras [atsymbol]

Chan Chu Sern Joel Post Doctoral Fellow 2504B Newell-Simon Hall

joelchuc [atsymbol]

Chandra Arpita Summer Intern 2502A Newell-Simon Hall

arpitac [atsymbol]

Chang Shih Graduate Assistant 2621 Newell-Simon Hall

shihpinc [atsymbol]

Chatterjee Ishan Summer Intern 407 South Craig Street

ishanc [atsymbol]

Chen Monchu Instructor-Portugal Newell-Simon Hall

monchu [atsymbol]

Chen Xiang Graduate Assistant 2502C Newell-Simon Hall

xiangche [atsymbol]

Chen Yanquan Student Assistant Hamburg Hall

yanquanc [atsymbol]

Chen Xin Visiting Research Scholar in HCII 2504 Newell-Simon Hall

xinc2 [atsymbol]

Chen Xiaoxuan Newell-Simon Hall

xiaoxuac [atsymbol]

Cheng Hui Research Programmer 2620A Newell-Simon Hall

huicheng [atsymbol]

Cheng Shiwei Post Doctoral Fellow 2502 Newell-Simon Hall

chengsw1 [atsymbol]

Chinnaswamy Jay Visiting Scholar 2201 Hamburg Hall

jayc [atsymbol]

Chisik Yoram Instructor - Portugal Newell-Simon Hall

ychisik [atsymbol]

Cho Sunyoung Visiting Post-Doctoral Fellow in HCII 2502 Newell-Simon Hall

sunyounc [atsymbol]

Choi Judeth Graduate Assistant 4609 Newell-Simon Hall

jochoi [atsymbol]

Choy Collin Newell-Simon Hall

cchoy [atsymbol]

Chun Jaemin Visiting Scholar 2502 Newell-Simon Hall

jaemchun [atsymbol]

Chung Eunki Graduate Assistant 4609 Newell-Simon Hall

eunkic [atsymbol]

Constantine Larry Instructor-Portugal Newell-Simon Hall

lconstan [atsymbol]

Corbett Albert Associate Research Professor, Emeritus 3605 Newell-Simon Hall

corbett [atsymbol]

Cosgrove Dennis Project Scientist 4007 Gates and Hillman Centers

estrian [atsymbol]

Coskun Aykut Visiting Researcher 2504 Newell-Simon Hall

aykutc [atsymbol]