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Namesort descending Title Office Email Phone
Lewis, Nicholas Extern-Programmer Newell-Simon Hall

Li, Zhongyu Visitor 116 Smith Hall

Li, Mengtian Phd Student 1502E Newell-Simon Hall

(412) 268-3818
Li, Tianshi Graduate-Research Assistant

Li, Chun-Liang Graduate Research Assistant

Li, Qinqi Teaching Assistant for Computer Science

Li, Zijin Teaching Assistant

Li, Zhuo Teaching Assistant for Computational Biology

Li, Weichen Teaching Assistant for Language Technologies

Li, Xiu Visitor 201 Smith Hall

Li, Siyi Visitor A519 Newell-Simon Hall

Li, Bohan Graduate Research Assistant

Li, Lu Senior Systems Software/Hardware Engineer A403 Newell-Simon Hall

(412) 268-3818
Li, Ruoyao Teaching Assistant 300 South Craig Street

Li, Pingshan Research Assistant

Li, Mo Teaching Assistant for Machine Learning

(412) 268-3125
Li, Jiajun Graduate-Research Assistant 2602B Newell-Simon Hall

Li, Ang Teaching Assistant for Computer Science

Li, Xinyu Research Analyst 3128 Newell-Simon Hall

Li, Hongdong Visiting Faculty 208 Smith Hall

Li, Conglong Graduate-Research Assistant

(412) 268-3898
Li, Yin Postdoctoral Fellow 216 Smith Hall

Li, Jason Graduate-Research Assistant

Lian, Xizhe Visiting Scholar

Liang, Xiaodan Project Scientist/Engineer 8116 Gates and Hillman Centers

Liang, Junwei Graduate Research Assistant 6225 Gates and Hillman Centers

Liao, Jiahe Msr Student 4228 Newell-Simon Hall

Libby, Jacqueline Graduate Student Courtesy 1515 Newell-Simon Hall

Lieu, Lauren Msr Student 1200 Newell-Simon Hall

Lightman, Ari Marketing & Commercialization Advisor 2107C Hamburg Hall

(412) 268-9312
Likhachev, Maxim Associate Research Professor 3211 Newell-Simon Hall

(412) 268-5581
Lim, Hyeontaek Post Doctoral Fellow 9112 Gates and Hillman Centers

(412) 268-5942
Lin, Chen-Hsuan Phd Student 1502E Newell-Simon Hall

(412) 268-3818
Lin, Jenny Graduate-Research Assistant

Lin, Xingyu Graduate-Research Assistant

Lin, Tao Teaching Assistant for Machine Learning

Lin, Zebing Teaching Assistant for Computer Science

Lin, Chieh Graduate Research Assistant

Lindenfelser, Karen Pdl Administrative Manager 2209 Collaborative Innovation Center

(412) 268-6716
Ling, Chun Kai Graduate-Research Assistant

Lipner, Steven Adjunct Professor 5216 Wean Hall

Lisien, Brad Robotics Engineer 290 National Robotics Engineering Center

(412) 681-6900
Lister, Levi Senior Robotics Engineer

(412) 877-5349
Littell, Patrick Post Doctoral Associate 6416 Gates and Hillman Centers

Litton, Charles Visitor LL127 Collaborative Innovation Center

Liu, Bibang Teaching Assistant

Liu, Jingzhou Graduate Research Assistant

Liu, Xinyu Teaching Assistant for Computer Science

Liu, Kelvin PhD Student - Computational Biology

(412) 268-2977
Liu, Shiyue Teaching Assistant for Computer Science