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Dyer, Christopher Consulting Professor

(412) 268-2894
Dworman, Matthew Shop Assistant 407 South Craig Street

Dürschmid, Tobias Graduate Research Assistant 5111 Wean Hall

Dureddy, Hima Varsha Research Assistant for Language Technologies Gates and Hillman Centers

Dugas, Anton Technician II 14 National Robotics Engineering Center

Dudding, Wayne Visitor Newell-Simon Hall

Dubrawski, Artur Research Professor 3121 Newell-Simon Hall

(412) 268-6233
Dubey, Kumar Graduate Research Assistant 8021 Gates and Hillman Centers

(412) 268-6591
Du, Simon Graduate Research Assistant 8123 Gates and Hillman Centers

Drozd, William Senior Research Programmer 255 National Robotics Engineering Center

(412) 681-6900
Driskill, Erin Assistant To The Department Head 7725 Gates and Hillman Centers

(412) 268-3480
Downing, Kelly Assistant Director, NREC Contracts And Partnerships 225 National Robotics Engineering Center

(412) 681-6906
Downey, Christine Administrative Assistant II 226 Smith Hall

(412) 268-4800
Downey, Carlton Graduate Research Assistant 8122 Gates and Hillman Centers

(412) 268-2022
Dougherty, Charles Entrepreneur In Residence 4620 Henry Street

Dougherty, Lisa Course Coordinator

(412) 268-2006
Doryab, Afsaneh Systems Scientist 2502B Newell-Simon Hall

Doroudi, Shayan Graduate Research Assistant 6207 Gates and Hillman Centers

(412) 268-2993
Dornbush, Andrew Senior Research Programmer/Analyst 1612D Newell-Simon Hall

(412) 268-3818
Donti, Priya Graduate Research Assistant 7511 Gates and Hillman Centers

Donnell, Justin Project Scientist 4111 Wean Hall

Dong, Huixu Postdoctoral Fellow 4525 Newell-Simon Hall

Dong, Wei Phd Student 1502F Newell-Simon Hall

Dolan, John Principal Systems Scientist 3109 Newell-Simon Hall

(412) 268-7988
Dodge, Jesse Graduate Research Assistant

Dipietro, Michael Systems Administrator 3212 Wean Hall

Ding, Zhenyu Research Assistant 4201 Wean Hall

Ding, Jun Post Doctoral Associate 7415 Gates and Hillman Centers

Ding, Yifan Msr Student 1604C Newell-Simon Hall

Ding, Shilun Teaching Assistant for Computer Science Gates and Hillman Centers

Dille, Paul Senior Research Programmer/Analyst LL127 Collaborative Innovation Center

(412) 268-3818
Dille, Michael Visitor LL127 Collaborative Innovation Center

(412) 268-3818
Digney, Joan Writer/Editor IIi

(412) 268-7095
Digioia, Anthony Adjunct Faculty

(412) 268-3818
Dietrich, Dwight Visiting Researcher 5404 Gates and Hillman Centers

(412) 268-6591
Dick, Travis Graduate Research Assistant 6008 Gates and Hillman Centers

(412) 268-7375
Dichiera, Krista Administrative Assistant 3124 Wean Hall

(412) 268-2666
Dias, Mary Project Director 4627 Newell-Simon Hall

(412) 268-2568
Dias, M Adjunct Faculty

(412) 268-9365
Diana, Nicholas Graduate Research Assistant 2611 Newell-Simon Hall

(412) 268-5210
Di Caro, Gianni Associate Teaching Professor of Computer Science 1007 Carnegie Mellon Qatar

Dhulipala, Laxman Graduate Research Assistant 9215 Gates and Hillman Centers

Dhingra, Bhuwan Graduate Research Assistant 6227 Gates and Hillman Centers

Dhanasekar, Sarveshwaran Teaching Assistant for Language Technologies Gates and Hillman Centers

Dhamyal, Hira Research Assistant 6607 Gates and Hillman Centers

Dhabalia, Karan Teaching Assistant for Computer Science Gates and Hillman Centers

Dey, Anind Charles M. Geschke Director, Human-Computer Interaction Institute

Desai, Arjav Ashesh Phd Student 1101 Gates and Hillman Centers

Dergance, Lorraine Administrative Coordinator 207 National Robotics Engineering Center


Del Giorno, Allison Phd Student 214 Smith Hall

(412) 268-3818