Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Committees Across SCS

As part of the School of Computer Science's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion efforts, our departments have established committees that will help us embed DEI in all our goals and activities. Representatives from each of these committees — as well as those from the college's Dean’s Advisory Committees and our at-large members — meet to discuss ongoing and upcoming efforts in SCS. These groups will continue to convene regularly in the coming months, focusing on specific actions as we work toward our goals.

If you have any questions, concerns or feedback, feel free to contact us.

(Note that in the lists below, * indicates a committee chair or co-chair.)

SCS DEI Office

Rachel Burcin, Global Programs Manager, Robotics Institute

Darla Coleman, Executive Director of DEI, SCS

Jodi Forlizzi, SCS Associate Dean of DEI, Professor in the Human-Computer Interaction Institute

Jenn Landefeld, SCS Doctoral Programs Manager

Michelle Lane, Administrative Associate, SCS DEI Office

Geoff Kaufman, Associate Professor, HCII

Ashley Patton, Director, CS Pathway Program

Department Committees

Computational Biology

  • Abhi Adduri
  • Seyoung Kim
  • AJ Lim
  • Nicole Stenger

Computer Science Department

  • Bryan Parno*
  • Stephanie Balzer
  • Tracy Farbacher
  • Mor Harchol-Balter
  • Jan Hoffmann 
  • Jenn Landefeld
  • Kelly Rivers
  • Justine Sherry
  • Dave Touretzky
  • Charlotte Yano
  • Katherine Ye


  • Lorrie Cranor*
  • Brigette Bernagozzi
  • Hanan Hibshi
  • Melissa Hyzy
  • Aqsa Kashaf
  • Karen Lindenfelser
  • Jamie Scanlon
  • Daniel Smullen
  • Daniel Tkacik

Human-Computer Interaction Institute

  • Bruce McLaren*
  • Vincent Aleven
  • Patrick Carrington
  • Judeth Choi
  • Sarah Fox
  • Jessica Hammer
  • Karen Harlan
  • Ken Koedinger
  • Michael Mogessie
  • Paul Pangaro
  • Samantha Reig
  • Nicole Willis

Institute for Software Research

  • Bogdan Vasilescu*
  • Jenni Cooper
  • Andy Gallardo
  • Jim Herbsleb
  • Jeremy Lacomis
  • Rohan Padhye
  • Michael Skirpan
  • Tiffany Todd

Language Technologies Institute

  • Emma Strubell*
  • Yonatan Bisk
  • Maxine Eskenazi
  • John Friday
  • Lori Levin
  • Shruti Rijhwani
  • Emma Thomas
  • Josh Zhanson

Machine Learning Department

  • Rayid Ghani
  • Zack Lipton
  • Leila Wehbe
  • Bryan Wilder
  • Laura D. Winter

Robotics Institute (The RI Climate & DEI Committee)

  • Katia Sycara*
  • Jean Oh*
  • Rachel Burcin
  • Liz Carter
  • Dana Chaffin
  • Howie Choset
  • Nick Gisolfi
  • Oliver Kroemer
  • Zack Rubinstein
  • Zeynep Temel
  • Xindi Wu

Additional Representatives

Advisory Committee Representatives

  • Connie Chau
  • Tara Lakdawala
  • Amy Li
  • Sara McAllister
  • Christian Olmeda
  • David Widder

At-Large Representatives

  • Odell Blackmon
  • Rachel Burcin
  • Carol Frieze
  • Katie Greager
  • Leqi Liu
  • Michael Miller-Yoder
  • Ashley Patton