Meeting of the Minds: (Virtual) Undergraduate Research Symposium

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Meeting of the Minds:  The Undergraduate Research Symposium, is going virtual.

The Undergraduate Research Symposium, or the "Meeting of the Minds," is a university-wide celebration of undergraduate research. All Carnegie Mellon undergrads engaged in research and creative projects are encouraged to apply!

And welcome  to our first ever Virtual Meeting of the Minds.  While we will miss the sounds of excited students conversing in person at the Jared L. Cohon University Center about their projects to amazed visitors, we have an opportunity to share this event with people near and far.  We are inviting you to come and celebrate with us the extraordinary undergraduate research and creative inquiry taking place in every discipline across our university.   Please join the 400+ students from across the globe who will share their work virtually through poster sessions, oral presentations, prototype demonstrations, and performances. 

While the pandemic may have altered the ways we have been able to engage with one another over the past year, it certainly did not slow down our researchers!

What is it?  Meeting of the Minds is a great opportunity to share your research with the entire campus community. All research projects are welcome - you don't have to be working on a SURG project to present.  You can participate as a group or as an individual, with a poster, a series of paintings, or an opera tthe choice is yours. All you have to do is register, provide an abstract, and prepare your presentation in a virtual format.  Be creative!

Attendees can view all poster and pre-recorded presentations Monday, 10 May -Tuesday, 12 May 2021. Join in— students welcome your support  during this important and quintessential CMU event (albeit virtual this year). All facaulty, staff and students are welcomed!

Virtual Meeting of the Minds    — Please take  some time “look around.”  There is lots to see and hear and explore.

Those who would like to view the live sessions on May 12, or would like to comment or ask questions on the presentations must register using their email address (it does not need to be a CMU email) – simply click on the comment icon on any presentation, or on the “live presentations” icon on the top of the symposium page and you will be asked to register.

SCS SENIOR HONOR THESIS PRESENTATIONS - Registration Required  for the live sessions.

  • 9:35 AM  →  Work In Progress: Hierarchical Graph-Based Sequence Modeling  — Santiago Benoit,  Advisor:  Louis-Philippe Morency
  • 9:50 AM  → Two Problems in Quantum Computing and Quantum Information Theory    —  Ramgopal Venkateswaran,  Advisor:  Ryan O’Donnell
  • 10:10 AM  →  Pith: A Space for Productive Discussion    —  Sydney Zheng,  Advisor:  Kathleen Carley
  • 10:30 AM  →  An Exploration of the Divide and Distribute Fixed Weights Stochastic Local Search Algorithm    —  Cayden Codel,  Advisor:  Marijn Heule
  • 10:50 AM  →  Fundamental Limits and Algorithms for Maximizing Reviewer-Assignment Quality under Strategy-proof Partitioning  —  Komal Dhull,  Advisors:  Nihar Shah and Pravesh Kothari

11:10 AM   → Break

  • 11:30 AM  →  Formal Verification of Next-Generation Airborne Collision Avoidance System with Adversarial Intruder Behavior    —  Rachel Cleaveland,  Advisor:  André Platzer
  • 11:50 AM  →  Accelerating the Training of Deep Equilibrium Networks    —  Eric Chen,  Advisors:  Zico Kolter and Shaojie Bai
  • 12:10 PM  →  The relationship between stimulus selectivity and functional connectivity in V1 neurons    —  Yuqi Zhang,  Advisor:  Tai Sing Lee
  • 12:30 PM  →  List-decodable Covariance Estimation    —  Misha Ivkov,  Advisor:  Pravesh Kothari
  • 12:50 PM  →  Visual Odometry in Darkness for Planetary Micro-Rover Autonomy    —  Varsha Kumar,  Advisor:  Red Whittaker
  • 1:10 PM  →  Towards Fine-grained Controllable Text Style Transfer    —  Yiwei Lyu,  Advisors:  Paul Liang and Louis-Philippe Morency

1:30 PM   → Break

  • 2:00 PM  →  Automated Spectral-Based Distribution for Ergodic Heterogeneous Multi-Agent Coverage and Search    —  Ananya Rao,  Advisor:  Howie Choset
  • 2:20 PM  →  Neural Taskonomy in Non-Human Primates    —  Kimberly Lo,  Advisors:  Arai Wang, Leila Wehbe and Michael Tarr
  • 2:40 PM  →  Counting Generalized Permutation Patterns    —  Tian Luo,  Advisor:  Daniel Sleator
  • 3:00 PM  →  Unsupervised Musicality Prediction of Pitch Sequences    —  Jennifer Huang,  Advisor:  Tai-Sing Lee
  • 3:20 PM  →  Full Abstraction Correctness of the Continuation Passing Style Translation using Type-Oriented Merging    —  Matias Scharager,  Advisor:  Karl Crary
  • 3:40 PM  →  An Exploration of Approximation Algorithms for Steiner Forest   —  Rhea Jain,  Advisor:  Anupam Gupta