Velo by WIX: Developers on Demand Program Into Session

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Join our Developers on Demand Program (DOD) Get free training, get hired as a freelance web developer and expand your portfolio.

What is Velo? ⇒ Velo by Wix is a full-stack development platform that lets you build professional web apps, faster. It combines Wix’s drag and drop visual UI Editor with a built-in IDE for JavaScript and more essential dev tools. You can build, manage and deploy professional web apps all in one place, and add custom functionality to Wix sites.  Onboarding with Velo is easy. It’s an intuitive platform, plus we’ve got resources to help you like a free course, Forum and Learning Center. Use your coding skills with Velo to gain a professional edge and get more leads.

About DOD ⇒ As part of Developers on Demand, you’ll be able to offer Velo web development services to thousands of Wix Partners –  agencies and developers that create client sites on Wix. We’ll train and certify you so you can complete project tasks and provide better, faster results to end users.

Why join DOD ⇒  Whether you’re looking to land your dream job or freelance full-time, DoD gives you a great foundation. You can build your portfolio, gain experience and earn money, all while getting free training and a certification you can use for life. Connect directly with agencies, get hands-on experience and jumpstart your web dev career.

What’s the process?

  1. First things first –  You’re invited to a live intro session to get to know Velo and the program.
  2. After the session, you can get started with your training via our free course and other helpful resources.
  3. Then you’ll complete the Velo certification process consisting of a test and a project to show your skills. Once you receive your badge, we’ll start offering your services to Partners


Three dates to choose from for the DOD Intro Session:

  • Wednesday | 17 February 2021 ⇒ 2:00 pm EST
  • Wednesday |  24 February 2021 ⇒ 2:00 pm EST
  • Wednesday | 3 March 2021 ⇒ 2:00 pm EST
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