Loom.ai Presentation - Industry Talk (For SCS Faculty)

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Introducing LoomieLive: Stylized 3D avatars for your next Zoom call

To support the millions of people now living online in video calls for work, school and socialization, Loom.ai has released LoomieLive, a virtual communication app that uses 3D avatars and works as a companion to popular desktop video conferencing services, such as Zoom, MS Teams, Webex, etc. LoomieLive combines voice and video to produce life-like avatar expression, allowing video callers to maintain focus and visual presence without the emotional strain and privacy loss caused by being in view of the camera.

In this talk, I will demo LoomieLive "pro" on Zoom and discuss some of the key benefits that this new medium brings to our daily video conferencing meetings:

  • Privacy: block out or replace everything except for talking avatar
  • Focus: center the video around the speaker
  • Equality: reduce socioeconomic disparity and bias by obscuring environment, replacing the background and abstracting the avatar
  • Reduce Zoom-fatigue: voice-tracking allows the user not to have to stare at the camera

Kiran Bhat is the co-founder and CTO of Loom.ai, a San Francisco-based company that has developed an end-to-end deep learning platform for deploying personalized 3D avatars for enterprise applications. Kiran's team at Loom.ai creates life-like human face visualizations by automatically converting selfies into expressive 3D loomie™ avatars that interact in real-time with visual and audio signals.

Prior to starting Loom.ai, Kiran led the performance capture R&D efforts at Lucasfilm for 10 years, where he pioneered computer vision algorithms for synthesizing photo-realistic CGI faces. He won the 2017 Sci-Tech Oscar for architecting ILM's facial performance capture system that was used to create several iconic movie characters, such as the Hulk in Marvel's The Avengers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the Orcs in Warcraft, and to "bring back" Peter Cushing's Grand Moff Tarkin in Star Wars Rogue One.   He received a PhD in Robotics from Carnegie Mellon University.

About Loom.ai:   Founded in 2016, Loom.ai's Academy Award-winning team has created the end-to-end real-time Loom.ai 3D avatar Platform for enterprise and developers to deploy 3D loomie™ avatars into their video, voice and 3D applications and products. Loom.ai's SDK's have been integrated into more than 80 million Samsung phones and enterprise applications at Verizon Media, VMWare, Seattle's Space Needle and others. In May 2020, Loom.ai launched the LoomieLive app to address some of the widespread problems with video conferencing, including privacy and fatigue. The "pro" version of LoomieLive app with video tracking will be launching to enterprise partners in mid August.

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