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Nat Horner (CMU EPP PhD '16) will describe hiring opportunities for analysts in Cost Assessment and Program Evaluation (CAPE) in the Office of the Secretary of Defense.

CAPE traces its lineage to Secretary McNamara's "Whiz Kids" — an effort to bring objective, quantitative analysis to Pentagon decision making. The office is part think tank, part consulting firm, and part investigative agency, with the mission of providing its sole client—the Secretary of Defense—with timely, insightful, and unbiased analysis to aid strategic decisions. CAPE analysts have impact: our work informs decision makers at the highest levels of the Department and directly affects a $700B budget.

Requirements: Graduate education in quantitative fields; demonstrated analytical ability; a desire to make sense of the strategic picture; curiosity to learn about new topics; and an ability to lead cross-organizational teams.

Benefits: Exposure to the highest levels of the Department; the ability to see direct outcomes from your analysis; a cadre of smart, dedicated colleagues; the opportunity to network across DoD; streamlined hiring and promotion.

Nat has experience in other government agencies, think tanks, and research centers. He thinks CAPE is an awesome place to work, but is also happy to answer general questions about government and government-adjacent employment, as well as available fellowship programs. Stop by and say hi!



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