Career Presentation

Scaled Speech and Language Technology in the Contact Center

Speech and language technology is fundamental to understanding the human experience.

Gridspace will be at CMU to meet world-class engineers and scientists to work on machine understanding of speech and language. In the past year, we have analyzed two millennia of conversational speech data.

Reach out if you have an interest in:

  • Computer Science  / Systems Programming / Statistics and Mathematics
  • Signal Processing / Dialog Systems / Speech Synthesis
  • Speech & Language Processing / Electrical Engineering
  • Physics / Machine Learning

To schedule an interview time, please send email to schedule a time.

Gridspace is a speech and language technology company that builds machine learning models for understanding and interacting with live contact center calls. In this talk we will discuss how AI can change the customer contact centers that record millions of calls per day. The Gridspace Sift conversational search system is designed to search through billions of minutes of long-form, conversational speech data. We will discuss the core technology that allows for complex searches that combine semantic and signal information, and a method for executing constraints on time, logical structure, and metadata. We will also introduce our ongoing work for other emerging problems on our journey for for digital-transforming the industry including capturing emotions from conversation and building dialogue systems for human-like interactive voice systems (IVR). 

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