Special NASA Talk

  • Cohon University Center
  • Studio Theater

Making Miracles Happen

Lessons about Innovation.

NASA Science partners with universities, communities and industry to advance scientific research and innovative technology, bringing together diverse ideas, technology, research and processes. During this talk, Making Miracles Happen, Dr. Zurbuchen, NASA’s Science Mission Directorate Associate Administrator, will explore the key tenants of entrepreneurial miracles through the lens of five specific NASA Science missions. This will be a story about imagining the future, overcoming challenges, having patience, innovating solutions, and working with great teams.

You will hear about how taking advantage of continued technological progress is critical for future scientific research, changing course can provide the freedom to make greater strides forward, embracing a goal and creating an environment where reaching beyond is both allowed and encouraged, employing the virtue of patience, accepting constraints to gain key insights that make an idea possible, and building a capable and dedicated team requires strong leadership.

Faculty Host: Gary Fedder

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