PSC Presentation

  • Interim Director, PSC
  • Research Scientist, Department of Physics
  • Carnegie Mellon University

Accelerating Your Research with No-Cost Resources for Computing, AI, and Data with PSC

PSC* offers powerful resources for computing, artificial intelligence, and data management and analytics that are available at no charge for open research and to support coursework. In this talk, we will survey examples of breakthroughs that are using PSC resources and ways to leverage PSC for your own research. Examples will highlight successes in genomics, AI, neuroscience, engineering, and other fields. We will highlight two PSC resources that provide unique capabilities: Bridges and Anton 2.

Bridges converges high-performance computing (HPC), artificial intelligence (AI), and Big Data and offers a familiar, an exceptionally flexible user environment, applicable to whatever data analytics or simulation exceed groups’ local capabilities. Anton 2 is a special-purpose computer that dramatically increases the speed of molecular dynamics (MD) simulations to understand the motions and interactions of proteins and other biologically important molecules over much longer time periods than would otherwise be accessible. We will also describe Compass AI, a new initiative to help the community make the most of emerging hardware and software technologies for AI, develop best practices, provide education and training, and establish collaborations, especially between academia and the private sector.

We outline areas of expertise at PSC where we are conducting research and open to additional collaboration. We close with a summary of opportunities to co-locate computational resources at PSC, with possible benefits of saving money, bursting to larger resources when needed, and leveraging PSC’s broad software collection.

A number of PSC’s scientific staff will be present for discussion at the reception following the seminar.

A reception will follow at 4:30 pm

* Formerly the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center

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