EXPONENT: Tech Presentation & Overview for Ph.D. Students

  • Gates Hillman Centers
  • Traffic21 Classroom 6501
Career Presentation

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Discover a non-academic career that will allow you to take full advantage of your engineering, scientific, and analytical background. Exponent is an engineering and scientific consulting firm that hires doctoral students in a variety of engineering disciplines. We work on the most contemporary and prominent engineering problems in the world. We are looking for graduate students with strong communication skills who are willing to learn on the job and apply their education in unexpected ways. Learn more about how your background can fit into the exciting world of engineering and scientific consulting. Examples of consulting projects will be presented.

Exponent is a leading engineering and scientific consulting firm. Our approximately 1000 staff members work in 26 offices across the United States and abroad. Exponent has over 700 consultants, including more than 450 that have earned a doctorate in their chosen field of specialization.

Exponent's Electrical Engineering & Computer Science practice includes a team of electrical engineers, computer engineers, and computer scientists performing a wide array of investigations ranging from electric power systems, to semiconductor devices, to computer networks, embedded systems, operating systems, security, and software. Exponent's electrical engineers, computer engineers, and computer scientists have experience in the areas of accident investigations, component and printed circuit board failure analysis, semiconductor device failure investigations, electrical and computer equipment failures, electric equipment fire investigations, electric motors and generators, power electronic systems for industrial and electric utility applications, power supplies and batteries, studies of electrical and electronic systems in automotive vehicles, software analysis and design, and software and firmware reliability analysis, among many others. We also perform "due diligence" investigations for investment decisions, intellectual property and technology assessments related to litigation, manufacturing plant and technology audits, engineering design process reviews, control system studies, and design reviews of electrical and electronic equipment including embedded software analysis. We operate laboratories for testing moderately heavy electrical equipment, appliances, and light electronic equipment.

  • Solve detective-like problems using your electrical engineering and computer science skills
  • Develop your social and business skills while working with clients ranging from  attorneys, to executives, to technical staff
  • Work alongside hundreds of bright, like-minded engineers from around the world
  • Help answer a wide variety of high impact engineering problems that vary day-by-day and cross over a multitude of disciplines

Areas of research interest include:

  • Biomechanics
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Buildings & Structures
  • Chemical Regulation & Food Safety
  • Civil Engineering
  • Construction Consulting
  • Defense Technology Development
  • Ecological & Biological Sciences
  • Electrical Engineering & Computer Science Engineering
  • Management Consulting
  • Environmental & Earth Sciences
  • Epidemiology & Computational Biology
  • Exposure Assessment & Dose Reconstruction
  • Human Factors
  • Materials & Corrosion Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Occupational & Environmental Health
  • Polymer Science & Materials Chemistry
  • Statistical & Data Sciences
  • Thermal SciencesToxicology & Mechanistic Biology
  • Vehicle Engineering


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