Mobot Open House & Info Session

  • Gates&Hillman Centers
  • Reddy Conference Room 4405
Info Session

Members of the Mobot Committee will be on hand to introduce the  Mobot Races and guide you through questions, problems, concerns...

All potential participants or those just considering entering the races are welcome.
Individuals and team efforts are particularly encouraged.  If you can't build one yourself, lean on a colleague, friend, or associate in another division.  There is strength (and sometimes better Mobots!) through collaboration and sharing of skills/knowledge

Use the early weeks of spring term to think about options, build teams or to figure out what is possible. And come by to the Spring Open House to ask those questions that have  been haunting you or just to help solidify your plans before Carnival.

Remember, the Mobot Races are open to the entire campus (alums as well)!

The 22nd Annual Mobot Races are scheduled for  Carnival Weekend,
Friday, 15  April 2016 --- so there is still plenty of time to  build a Mobot
for this year's competition!

Many thanks to our generous sponsors to date: Boeing Corporation, Harris, Lockheed Martin, Google, The School of Computer Science

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