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Join Green Hills Software for a live virtual event on Tuesday 10/27 or Wednesday 10/28 to learn how you can help solve the world’s most important software problems. 

The Info Session will cover:    

  • How Green Hills Software came to be the worldwide leader in software safety and security
  • Hear about our founder and world-renowned CEO Dan O’Dowd
  • Cover some of the unique development approaches for our:  Operating System, Compiler, Debugger, and more...
  • See a demo of our TimeMachine debugger
  • Learn about our mission and how we are solving some of the world’s most important problems in software development.
  • A typical day in the life of a Green Hills Software engineer
  • Engineering roles and an overview of our interview process
  • Q&A with engineers from various groups  

As a bonus, every attendee will be entered into a drawing to win an iPad.


Two Options to Attend:      ► Tuesday, 10/27 @ 5:00 pm PT  / 8:00 pm EST      ►    Wednesday, 10/28 @ 12:00 pm PT  / 3:00 pm  EST

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