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  • Professor of Computer Science, Institute for Software Research
  • and Director, IDeaS
  • Carnegie Mellon University

Covid 19 - The Social Media Discussion

Understanding what is going on in the social media space around the corona virus  is like watching an ever evolving kaleidoscope.  We are trying to track this and understand the basics of what are the key messages, who is communicating them, who is being impacted, and so forth. Research results  from myself and my team relating to Covid 19 will be presented.  Topics covered will include disinformation campaigns, bot activity, linkages between media, and hatespeech.

More info on IDeaS Center COVID-19 research can be found here.

Dr. Katheleen Carley is a Professor of Computer Science in the Institute for Software Research, IEEE Fellow, and  Director of the Center for Computational Analysis of Social and Organizational Systems (CASOS)  and Director of the center for Informed DEmocracy And Socialcybersecurity (IDeaS) of the Center for at Carnegie Mellon University.  She joined Carnegie Mellon in 1984 as Assistant Professor Sociology and Information Systems. In 1990 she became Associate Professor of Sociology and Organizations, in 1998 Professor of Sociology, Organizations, and Information Technology, and in 2002, attained her current role as Professor of Computation, Organization, and Society.  She is also the CEO of Carley Technologies Inc. aka Netanomics.

Dr. Carley’s research combines cognitive science, sociology, and computer science to address complex social and  organizational issues. Her most notable research contribution was the establishment of Dynamic Network Analysis  (DNA) – and the associated theory and methodology for examining large high‐dimensional time variant networks. Her  research on DNA has resulted in tools for analyzing large‐scale dynamic networks and various multi‐agent simulation  systems. She has led the development of tools for extracting sentiment, social and semantic networks from social  media and other textual data (AutoMap & NetMapper), simulating epidemiological models (BioWar), and simulating changes in beliefs and practice given information campaigns (Construct). Her ORA system is one of the premier network analysis and visualization technologies supporting geo‐temporal analysis of social network and high‐dimensional/meta‐network data. It includes special features for handling small and big data, social media data, and network dynamics. It is used worldwide. Illustrative projects include assessment of fake news and social cyber‐security threats, IRS outreach, impact of NextGen on airline rererouting, counter‐terrorism modeling, counter‐narcotics modeling, health analytics, and social media based assessment of crises such as Benghazi, Darfur, and the Arab Spring.

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