Rethink the Rink: Make-A-Thon

Tuesday, March 3, 2020 (All day) to Friday, March 13, 2020 (All day)
  • Hamerschlag Hall & ANSYS Hall C-level
  • TechSpark Prototyping Facility
Career Presentation

Applications are open to participate in the world's only ice hockey make-a-thon for innovating equipment for player safety!

Rethink The Rink make-a-thon will select 25 CMU students to learn about sports safety from the NHL Pittsburgh Penguins and cutting edge materials from Covestro.  Student teams will be challenged to develop solutions that reduce player injuries while maintaining current game play.  Within the TechSpark prototyping facility, they will prototype their proof-of-concept for new equipment and then demonstrate their solution through a final pitch.  The exciting results from this event will be publicized locally, nationally, and internationally.

The Penguins and Covestro aim to offer partnerships with students to implement successful ideas at the outcome of this event - each year, multiple summer internships have been offered by Covestro.  There is no cost to participate in this event during Spring Break 2020.

Rethink The Rink about Video

APPLICATION (15-minute application)

  • Application Deadline: 6 December 2019 11:59 pm  (applications submitted after this will be waitlisted) 
  • Selection: 1st round invitations sent by Dec 9 / Commitments need by Dec 11